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I help brands develop products that result in winning customer experiences

i concentrate on building customer experience across all digital touch points .

What do i offer you ?

  • Onboarding

    I'd help you identfy your product core problems and help you establish a design process driven by high-level creative decisions. Creating a coherent vision for design and forming a strong foundation for your successful web presence.

  • Visual identity

  • Digital presence

  • Digital products

The final product speaks for itself


Panther takes care of your remote team’s global payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance.

  • Industry

    Global Recruiting, Compliance

  • Company

    ±50 employees, funding $2.5M

Coming Soon↘


The platform for local-first software. It keeps local data in sync so you can build fast and collaborative React apps.

  • Industry

    Dev tools, Data

  • Company

    NY, CA & Berlin

Coming Soon ↘